Sunday, July 24, 2011

Alpine Parish - 'Walk, Talk & Gawk'

When: Saturday 10th September

Meeting place: outside St Paul’s, Myrtleford at 1:30pm.  All are welcome.

Join Fr Scott on a leisurely guided nature walk at Gapsted, with frequent stops for observation, as he reveals the beauty and wonder of what lies at ground level – orchids and other wildflowers. Let us open our eyes to see that the sacred is not confined to the Church – it is within all of creation, for God created it all.  The beauty of the natural world is, at best, the echo of a voice, not the voice itself.  Beauty is if you like, a signpost pointing beyond itself.  Heaven and earth are full of glory.  But whose glory is it? The Psalmist says: O Lord our Governor: how glorious is your name in all the earth!  The Christian tradition has said, and indeed sung, that the glory belongs to God the Creator.  It is his voice we hear echoing off the mountains, murmuring in the sunset. 

God speaks to us also through the written words of Holy Scripture, through other people, through the sacraments, through stillness and silence and we can hear an echo of his voice in the beauty of the world that surrounds us – in the beauty of birds, orchids, wildflowers, the mountains – they are signposts pointing to God.

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